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Stunning photographic collection from tribes in different parts of Southern Ethiopia.

The Omo valley is one of the best locations on earth to see indigenous people living as have done for millennia.

Limited Edition photos, come with certificate of authenticity……..

The Suri Tribe…take great pride and joy in decorating their bodies. They paint themselves as a form of camouflage when hunting or as a decoration for special ceremonies.

The Kara Tribe…..The Kara tribe is known for its alluring and intricate body and face painting.This is an elaborate process ranging from simple fine dots to rough lines traced with palms or fingers.

The Arbore Tribe…..Live in the lower Omo valley where there way of life has barely changed for thousands of years. They are known for there colourful traditional jewellery.



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Maasai Warrior

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Protector Of Nature

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